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Laser marking is a method of producing images, texts, and other graphics. Of all marking methods, most manufacturers prefer laser as it can work on various surfaces, including metals. It is also more reliable and can deliver clear and quality markings. 


What Is Laser Marking?

Laser marking services involves the creation of graphics using laser beams. In the process, laser beams either oxidize or remove portions of the material surface, leaving a distinct mark on the part where the beam comes into contact with the surface. 

Manufacturers use a unique mirror or a table-mounted laser to direct the beam on the target surface. 


Methods of Laser Marking

Laser marking alters a material surface through regulated parameters such as laser beam wavelength, power supply, repetition rates, and duty cycle. 

Manufacturers can use any of the following methods to achieve the desired artwork:

Direct Marking

Markers use a laser beam to heat metal surfaces, causing oxidation. As a result, the exposed surface tends to be darker, with a permanent black appearance. Manufacturers then use fiber lasers to make a brighter mark on the dark surface.

Indirect Marking

Manufacturers apply a special coating (marking compound) or remove the existing coating (paint) from the metal surface. Afterward, a laser beam directed to the coated surface produces the required mark on the surface. 


Material Attributes for Laser Marking

Laser marking services rely on unique attributes of the targeted material to produce quality graphics. For instance, while some materials can reflect a laser beam, others do not have reflective capabilities.

Typical attributes to consider include;

  • Reflectivity
  • Color
  • Surface texture
  • Thermal conductivity


Advantages of Laser Marking

Laser marking services produce high-quality images, improve accuracy and durability, and have little chance of contamination. 

Other advantages include: 

Super-fast Production

Laser combined with computer technology can shorten the production cycle and save a lot of time. The setup is simple, and the machine completes the process without complications that may lead to time wastage. Moreover, the process is super fast, capable of producing graphics in seconds once you issue a command. 

Precise Marking

Laser marking ensures high accuracy, especially when engraving tiny objects or working in confined spaces. You can create elegant patterns with lines as thin as 0.04 mm. Moreover, you can print numerous data or graphics without damaging the material.

Cleaner and Eco-friendly

Laser marking requires no solvents and consumables, making it clean and environmentally friendly. However, other conventional methods use inks and chemicals that may pollute the environment after machine clean up.

Non-contact Marking

There is no contact with the target surface. As such, there is minimal stress on the metal surface. Non-contact also eliminates the possibility of corrosion or contamination of the material from tools used in the process.

High Durability

Laser engraved patterns cannot wear out due to frequent handling, temperature changes, acidity, or alkalinity. As a result, you’ll have long-lasting artwork despite repeated use. 

High-quality Markings

Laser marking is computer-driven, capable of producing complex designs that conventional methods cannot achieve. As a result, you can create eye-catching aesthetics that will add to the beauty of the target surface.

Reduces Counterfeit

Laser marking services have strong anti-counterfeit properties since it is practically hard to replicate laser marked patterns. 

The method is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, which requires tamper-proof, easy-to-read, and eco-friendly markings.

Laser marking service is an essential process used across various sectors worldwide. Moreover, many manufacturers prefer the process due to its unlimited benefits. 

Hire a professional laser marking company today to enjoy quality, long-lasting, and appealing aesthetics!